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2015 WDM Tiger Select Football Mission/Objective

     Tiger Select Football is now in its 3rd year and thanks to all of our great Coaches, Players and Families who are striving to take our future Valley Tigers to the next level in football. Tiger Select was derived from the WDM League as many players and coaches want to expand their season and play outside the league format. Through tournament play both home and away, Tiger Select looks to help the dedicated player in the 5th-8th grades to continue their skills development at the next level.
     During the league off season, coaches from all teams come together and evaluate to select players to play in the following fall season. Coaches are structured by each grade level and are constantly checking for equal representation from the league. Players are then selected and invited to participate in the fall season. Teams will be organized into Black, Orange, and White (if the numbers warrant) players where each player may have the ability to move between teams during the course of the season as directed by Tiger Select Coaches. Although selection is based on season evaluation and not a try-out format, you may request one if you are new to the league or living in the district but not playing league ball. Please understand that although WDMLPYFL and Tiger Select are separate entities, we do share player base and coaching staffs.
     We strive to teach fundamentals, respect for the game, and character of the player, while competing against teams from all over the Midwest. Players are able to develop skills such as full motion offense and defense, special teams and a kicking game (PAT). Guaranteed playing time is not in effect, but please understand that the goal is to motivate and push players to help the team within their abilities. This allows players to set their own goals and strive for them. We are looking forward to another great season.
     Please feel free to contact me with any questions.
Mike Thomas

For questions regarding the 2015 WDM Tiger Select Football please contact:
    Contact: Mike Thomas (WDM Tigers Select Director)
    Email: mthomas536@msn.com
    Phone: 515-528-6588
    Contact: Ron Schiller (WDM Tigers Select Administrator)
    Email: r.schiller@msn.com