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2015 WDM Tiger Select Football...Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.s)

Will the coaches be required to attend any coaches training?
  Yes, All coaches will be required to attend the FBU Coaching Seminar in June

Will all games have Medical Staff available?
  Yes, ISU Trainers have been contracted to attend all games.

Will players have a guarantee # of plays?
  Yes, we will have a guaranteed 15 play minimum for league play
  No, no play minimums for tournaments
  Note: this is less of a concern when players are aligned to true A, B, and C skill and ability level teams

Does a player have to be student at a WDMCS to participate?
  Yes, this is program is intended for all future Valley Tigers

How will key decisions pertaining to items like player participation, scheduling, and issues be decided?
  The Tiger Select Football Advisory Board will make these decisions.

Who is the Tiger Select Football program target for?
  All West Des Moines 6th-8th Grade Students who want to play tackle football.
  Note: We believe all skill and ability levels will develop tremendously through our defined team structure.

Will parents, players, and coaches be required to sign and adhere to a Code of Conduct?
  Yes, all parents, players, and coaches will be required to follow specific code of conduct standards regarding play on the field, communication, teamwork, and school/community representation.

Can we play Tiger Select Football and WDMLPYFL?
  No, Tiger Select Football is the ONLY option for 7th Grade Tackle Football in West Des Moines

How will the transition from 7th grade to 8th grade work?
  The interactions and transition from Tigers to Junior High Football will be seamless as we are working closely with both Junior High Principals and Coaches.

Will Tiger Select Football have weight limits for 7th Grade?
  No, Tiger Select Football will follow IAHSAA football rules and therfore will have player weight limits to carry or handle the football.

Is the 7th Grade Tiger Select Football schedule posted online?
  Yes, currently it is the Links area within the Informational Session presentation. For 7th Grade, it will evenetually be on the 7th Grade Tiger Select Football website of www.wdmtigerfootball.com.

Will there be someone who can help with sizing our players at registration?
  Yes, a Tiger Select Football coach will be at the registration to assist with sizing.

Are FanCloth items still available for sale?
  Yes, please check the FanCloth section for items you can order and the order form that you can print to complete and turn in at registration.

How will players be evaluated for teams?
  All Tiger Select Football Coaches will b involved in the evaluation of players and how they should be aligned to teams.

Will all 8th Grade teams be running the same offense and defense?
  Yes, all 8th Grade Tiger Select Football teams will run the exact same offense and defense no matter which team they play on.

What levels of players will practice against each other in 7th Grade?
  All levels will practice together during positional drills, but as players come together for team work, then all levels will practice with each other with the exception of A vs C.

When and where will practice be?
  The times for practices have yet to be determined, but all practice will be at either Indian Hills Middle School or Valley Stadium.

Will there be late registration?
  Yes, but it will bring a higher cost due to the short timeframes and added expenses. We do not want to exclude any 7th graders, so the late registration timeframe will be around May or June.

For questions regarding the 2015 WDM Tiger Select Football please contact:
    Contact: Mike Thomas (WDM Tigers Select Director)
    Email: mthomas536@msn.com
    Phone: 515-528-6588
    Contact: Ron Schiller (WDM Tigers Select Administrator)
    Email: r.schiller@msn.com